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Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc. is a leading provider of janitorial services in the Houston area. Our staff excels in caring customer service, response time, and value to the customer.


Our professional, experienced managers will have an instant impact on your facility by ensuring a smooth operation each and every day. We are here to listen to your needs and dispatch all tasks in a professional and consistent manner. Help is on the way!

Electrostatic Sprayers

Our electrostatic sprayers envelope all surface areas to provide a more thorough disinfection than can be done by hand in a fraction of the time.  We provide electrostatic disinfecting as a service or we can ship you an electrostatic sprayer to your place of business for use by your staff.

Reliable Crews

At the heart of our company culture is caring about our employees and customers.  We approach all of our projects with a caring attitude which includes having a backup plan when things do not go as planned.  Making reliability a reality includes having caring team members who aim to deliver the best results every day.

Leading Technologies

From BrainOS powered autonomous floor sweeping machines to our SWEPT app, we are continuously upgrading our cleaning technology to stay on the cutting edge.  Our autonomous floor machines provide consistent results and proof of cleaning following a programmed path each day.

Hire Affordable Commercial Janitorial Services For Cleaning & Maintenance

We, at Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc, are known for providing janitorial cleaning services. Our team believes a clean workplace is essential for the productivity, safety and health of both employees and clients. It’s no surprise that a tidy, well-maintained business tends to be more successful. A janitorial service offers general cleaning and sanitizing services to maintain safe, clean safes. Our services usually include cleaning, floor care, bathroom maintenance, trash removal, and kitchen and break area cleaning.

From educational facilities, private sector commercial real estate, to government office buildings, we have provided cleaning, disinfecting services to clients all around Houston. To ensure excellence in our service value, our company follows a stringent pre-screening and training process to obtain well-trained and valuable personnel. Our cleaning company in Houston believes in creating a custom plan for each client, as we are committed to serving the specific requirements of each and every client.

Choose An All-Inclusive Houston Based Professional Janitorial Service

Our main priority is customer satisfaction. We firmly believe that a commercial janitorial service should be able to handle both small-scale and large-scale projects, which is why our staff is at your constant disposal. At the core of our company culture is consistency, a value that is reflective in each service and experience we offer to our clientele.

  • Commercial Cleaning

With an experience of over a decade, we are well-equipped with offering commercial janitorial services in a highly-reliable manner. We will clean everything from your common area, boardroom, bathroom to your kitchen area. Known for working around the schedule of our clients, we make sure our services don’t disrupt your business operations.

We are a reputable janitorial service, which delivers consistent results each time, at a competitive price. Our professional janitorial service harnesses the use of the latest in cleaning technology, including electrostatic sprayers, HEPA backpack vacuums or smartphone apps for task completions. Through our Houston based janitorial service, we make sure each detail is carefully followed and that our client is thoroughly satisfied. This is why we have established a long list of referrals and are considered one of the best janitorial services companies in Houston & Austin. By simply using our application ‘Swept’, our clients can log in real-time to see when exactly our team arrives at the cleaning site, when the inspections begin and can also communicate with our staff. So, whether its partitions, fabric dividers or cubicles, we can keep everything looking clean and pleasant.

  • Floor Care

Most commercial buildings contain a variety of flooring and surfaces. One of the first things visitors notice about an indoor space is its flooring. This is why our clients need a cleaning service that doesn’t just specialize in hard floor care, but also fully understands what each flooring material requires. Uneven surfaces, liquids and dirt all create workplace hazards and can put our client’s employees and visitors at risk. Our Houston based janitor service ensures professional cleaning of floors, leading your floors to look glossy and better over time. Also, clean, well-maintained floors can add to the value of a property. Thus, no matter the type of flooring our client has, we can easily clean, maintain it.

If floors aren’t cared for on a frequent basis, clients can risk permanent damage like peeling, wax build-up, discoloration, scratches, and more. This can lead to costly floor repair and replacement projects long before our clients even need one. By harnessing our janitorial services in Houston, our clients can easily cut back on these unnecessary costs.

  • COVID-19 Disinfection

Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc is at the forefront of ensuring the COVID-19 pandemic can be contained through constant disinfection. We strictly adhere with OSHA regulations, making sure we serve families, communities and businesses in a befitting manner. Our janitorial services in Houston, TX, use proactive cleaning methods that restrict the transmission of hard-to-kill pathogens.

  • Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Our janitorial cleaning services use environmentally safe products that are good for our clients and good for the planet. We do so by reducing our chemical use, which ultimately benefits our environment. Having gained a competitive edge, we are proud of our excellent track record and our capacity to minimize harm to human health.

The Leading Provider Of Commercial Janitorial Services In Houston & Austin

Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc started based on honesty, integrity and consistency. We’ve built our reputation by constantly exceeding expectations, something we take great pride in. The central foundation of our service is our ability to excel in providing janitorial services to a wide variety of facilities. So, whether you need commercial cleaning, COVID-19 disinfecting, floor cleaning or eco-friendly cleaning, Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc can take care of them in a professional, seamless manner.

We also provide industrial janitorial services for industrial facilities, such as warehouses, self-storage buildings, manufacturing facilities, factories and power plants. Hence, whether our clients need a night or day shift, our janitorial cleaning services make sure their needs are met in a timely, responsive manner. Given that industrial environments are high-traffic, busy spaces, they accumulate debris and dirt rather quickly, putting workers and expensive machinery at risk. This is why, specialized, consistent cleaning and maintenance are essential for ensuring an industrial facility works in a smooth manner.

Call In The Experts Of Janitorial Cleaning Services In Houston, TX

Our staff uses state-of-the-art technology, techniques and innovative methods to ensure our client’s business stays sanitized and tidy. Through ensuring our client’s business’s cleaning and maintenance needs are met, we help our clients focus on what matters most. Additionally, we use autonomous robots to offer floor scrubbing and carpet cleaning throughout industrial facilities. Not only do we provide a streamlined service, but we also make sure we maintain effective communication that resolves all our client’s queries.

We, at Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc, have overcome all our obstacles and have become one of the fastest growing companies in the USA. To us, saving the time, money and energy of our clientele is paramount. With your best interest at heart, our professional janitorial service completes its job the first time around in an affordable, professional manner. Familiar with how our clients have high standards themselves, we ensure our service value aligns with what our clients need and expect. Our clientele can improve their business reputation and attract new customers with professional janitorial cleaning services. Thus, all our clients need to do is place their trust in our ability to deliver on our promises.

Promote A Cleaner, Healthier Environment With Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc

If deeply rooted contaminants are not eliminated from surfaces, they can cause a wide range of diseases. By hiring an expert, professional Houston based janitorial service for commercial cleaning, you can make sure deeply penetrated bacteria, and dust particles get lifted away. With us by your side, there is no need to have untidy, unkempt carpets within your facility, as our highly-trained cleaners can restore the look of not just your carpets, but also your floor.

We are aware that cleaning and maintaining commercial workplaces is a time-consuming task. And, if our clients work with an unprofessional, inexperienced service that doesn’t have the appropriate tools, the resulting issues can be distressing. So, call us today to hire our janitorial cleaning services and to avoid any unnecessary hassles.


We proudly serve clients in multiple sectors including K-12 and College Education Facilities, Government Buildings, Medical Offices, and Transit Facilities with a focus on mid-sized to large buildings.  The typical services provided include janitorial services, janitorial supplies and paper products, floor stripping and waxing, deep cleaning and disinfecting services, and carpet cleaning.

We are now offering an exciting services using autonomous robots to provide carpet cleaning and floor scrubbing throughout your larger facilities and provide proof of cleaning with daily mapping reports.

Our contribution to safeguarding your health include utilizing HEPA filter SuperCoach Backpack Vacuums to reduce indoor particles, Dust Control Burnishers, Electrostatic Disinfecting utilizing Eco-Friendly Solutions (such as Bioesque), and stocking restrooms with Green Seal Certified Paper Products.  We help to sort out recyclable materials into the proper bins to ensure that they are ready for pickup.

Communication with our clients in paramount.  We offer a convenient access portal through our SWEPT app that allows your send requests directly to our supervisors.  Chat functions are available through the app as well as a direct phone call.   The centralized platform creates 100% accountability and also provides proof of cleaning once a task is complete via picture upload.


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