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Boost Your Business Image With Store Cleanliness

Boost Your Business Image With Store Cleanliness

Seeing dusty corners, dirty surfaces, and sticky floors is never a pleasant sight for any store owner. Consumer Reports reported that filth turns off customers more than anything.

Among every top-rated warehouse debts, supermarkets, and grocery stores in the US, cleanliness is the most common factor. According to Consumer Reports, Trader Joe’s, Market Baskets, Gelson’s Markets, Heinen’s, Wegman’s, and Central Market were listed as the top six overall preferred stores. Not surprisingly, these stores rank at the top in cleanliness as well.

Cleanliness In Retail Store

If a store can persuade a customer into thinking that it is clean, then that’s a straight win. Numerous customers worry about the cleanliness of the store, especially behind the scenes where they’re not allowed to enter. Well, we’ve all seen hidden-camera TV shows that reveal dirty secrets of supermarkets, retail stores, and restaurants across the US.

However, to truly convince a custom that a store is clean, different qualities must be kept in mind. From a consumer’s perspective, here are some of the biggest indicators of cleanliness:

  • A new entryway: From the floor mats to the windows, the entrance should be squeaky clean. Consumers are irked by debris like gum, cigarette butts, and mysterious stains that can signal a regular cleaning.
  • Hygienic restrooms: The restrooms must be fresh-smelling, bright, and well-stocked with paper towels and toilet papers.
  • Neat and clean sidewalks: Even before appearing at the store, customers want to see clean steps and sidewalks. That’s the reason why a lot of cleaning companies have started power washing the sidewalk zones.
  • No spills: If a company fails to address spills, consumers start to develop a perception that the company doesn’t care much about cleaning. Due to this reason, stores should have a backup of commercial cleaning company in Houston to monitor their entire retail floor for stains and spills.
  • Sparking floors: When a floor is gleaming and freshly polished, the consumer immediately perceives the store as clean. Similarly, a dirty, scuffed floor makes them think what else is grimy in the store.
  • Trash cans and sanitizer: Shoppers wants to see clear indications that the company cares about cleanliness, like hand wipes, hand sanitizer, recycling, and trash cans. This is only valid for stores that provide baskets and shopping carts, which hold germs.

Liability Laws And Retail Store Cleanliness

Cleaning is about keeping customers happy and safe. If a customer is subject to an injury within the store and proves that the owner was unconcerned, he could win a costly judgment against the store.

Business owners need to keep their properties hazard-free. In the US, slip-and-fall accidents are the number one cause of emergency room visits and a leading cause of workers’ compensation claims. Worn, loose, and dirty flooring is the main contributor to retail store slip-and-fall injuries. This comprises cracked concrete, uneven wood planks, broken vinyl and laminate materials, worn carpet, and every type of flooring with debris and rough patches.

Litter, liquid spills, and stacks of unsorted merchandise also contribute to many retail store injuries. The best thing to do is to safeguard customers’ health by keeping walkways free of clutter and investing in cleaning services that keep everything clean, and neat.

Keeping A Squeaky Clean Reputation

It won’t take much time for a dirty store to become a PR nightmare. Almost all individuals have a Smartphone in their hand at all times, so they can quickly take a picture of a filthy restroom or floor and share it with thousands of people on Facebook, Instagram, Google Reviews, etc.

To keep all retail environments tidy enough to ward off potential lawsuits, avoid bad PR, and impress customers, store owners can take a few preventive steps, which are:

  • Arrange power washing
  • Check surface and air quality
  • Come up with routine cleaning schedules
  • Deep clean the parking lot
  • Remove graffiti immediately
  • Schedule deep cleaning

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