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Four Ways To Know If A Cleaning Service Is Doing The Job Right

Four Ways To Know If A Cleaning Service Is Doing The Job Right

When choosing a professional janitorial service, you not only select the relevant service to take care of cleaning, you also invest in a place that offers a tidy workplace for employees and clients. Likewise, you have certain expectations from janitorial cleaning services for properly doing their job.

Now, what sort of standards should you be applying? In this blog post, we’re going to look at the four most important signs that will highlight whether your janitorial services in Houston are effectual. If not, it’s time to replace them.

You Can Touch Every Area Without Worrying About Dirt, Dust, Or Trash

Want to ensure that you are getting the clean that you are paying for? Make sure that the job is performed adequately. Do not forget to check the front door, reception desk and furniture, break room area, workstations, and trashcans. Often, average cleaning teams tend to overlook these areas. These are the areas that your staff, visitors, and clients are more likely to be present regularly. A simple fingertip test, along with a close look to check for smears and stains, is enough to find out whether your cleaning team is dedicated to its job or not.

The Janitorial Service Company Is Trained And Follows Proper Cleaning Procedures

If you think that there is no notable difference between a regular clean and a professional clean, you are making a rookie mistake. You will see somewhat better results with regular cleaning, but overall it may fall short of your needs. In contrast, professional cleaning is about safe chemical storage, usage, and knowing the right products and equipment for different areas. If your cleaners are pros at work, they will perform their work in an organized manner. This means they will enhance the cleaning standards of your office while freeing the areas of germs.

Their Standards Stay Consistent Over Time

Of course, offering consistency should be the topmost priority for all janitorial services companies based in Houston. The results of their work shouldn’t dramatically vary every time they come. However, apathy starts to set in more often – a more significant risk with certain cleaning crews. As they become used to the job, their focus on the details starts to dwindle over time.

Check to ensure that you’re not getting anything less than what you’re paying for. If you think that apathy has started to take root, conduct a small meeting, and offer the cleaning team short but precise feedback. However, if the habit shows no signs of going away, maybe it’s time to say goodbye.

Their Team Doesn’t Look Like They Want To Get Done Quickly

Nowadays, most janitorial services companies want their team out of your way as soon as possible. They want to clean efficiently, and they want to do it as fast as they can so they don’t become an obstacle to you and your employees. This is entirely acceptable. However, they shouldn’t look like they’re in a rush – that’s a con. If you arrive at the office, see the cleaning team coming late, and observe that they’re going about their work a little too quickly, start monitoring their performance. If they’re not giving the kind of attention to details as you expected, you might be better off appointing a different, more dedicated cleaning team.

Certain cleaning products need time to settle in so that they can break down dirt before they’re wiped. If your cleaning team doesn’t care about this window and wipes the product away three seconds after it’s applied, they’re not giving the product the time to reach its full effect. While having speedy workers isn’t a problem, rushers need to be taken care of.

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