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Building Cleaning

A Professional Building Cleaning Company Based In Texas

At Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc, we know that first impressions are everything for a business. There is no better way to make an impression than to provide a clean, sanitary and professional environment for your employees and clients. The mission of our building cleaning company is to offer customer-centric cleaning, disinfecting and maintenance services where we can serve your requirements. Our building cleaning services believe that no job is too big or too small, which is why our service obliges with cleaning premises of any given size. With us by your side, you can get your office buildings cleaned during work hours, prior to work hours or even after work hours. We believe in customizing our client’s experiences, which is precisely what we’ll deliver on when you hire our building cleaning services.

With the experience of over a decade, we are well-versed with the relevant methods of cleaning and disinfecting spaces. A safer, healthier and cleaner environment means a more productive workplace. This is what drives us to go above and beyond when serving our clientele. Our electrostatic disinfectant procedure enables us to provide a comprehensive solution, where 99.9% of molds, fungi, bacteria and viruses are eliminated upon contact. So, if you’re looking for in-depth cleaning and disinfection that limit and eventually eliminate pathogen activity, you can rely on Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc to get the job done.


Hire Superior Cleaning & Maintenance Services At Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc

A professional building cleaning service has the necessary resources, quality-control systems and well-trained staff for completing the job correctly each and every time. We make sure our clients get to supervise the cleaning and maintenance of their building. To do so, you simply have to use our state-of-the-art communication application ‘Swept’ to interact with our staff in real-time. Thus, place your trust in our building cleaning company to handle your cleaning and disinfection needs at an affordable price.

Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc aims to consistently benchmark high standards when it comes to providing building cleaning services. Our cleaning professionals use HEPA backpack vacuums that trap harmful particles, such as pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke and pollen and also help bring allergy relief. With several types of indoor air pollutants eliminated, HEPA filters help keep the air healthy, clean. From daycare centers, fitness centers, restaurants, government offices, churches, retail stores to schools, our Houston based building cleaning service caters to various types of buildings. We understand how a cleaner environment reduces the spread of diseases, promotes positivity, is a morale booster and is excellent for limiting long-term costs. Thus, when you hire our building cleaning services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your business is in expert, reliable hands.


Use Well-Skilled & Professional Cleaners For Sanitizing & Maintaining Your Business

Our Houston based building cleaning service has provided disinfecting and cleaning services to various businesses in Houston, including private sector commercial real estate, education facilities and government office buildings. Harnessing the most innovative electrostatic spraying system, we make sure our disinfecting solution wraps around all surfaces, easily eliminates contaminants and sanitizes soft surfaces within 2 minutes. With our quality cleaning supplies adhering to EPA standards and our staff members known to revive the condition of buildings, your business can depend on us to deliver on our word.

We create custom cleaning plans to satisfy your requirements, whether it is for a one-time basis or whether the service is requested frequently. Using our all-inclusive cleaning service will give your business access to a service that not just cleans cubicles and common areas, but also cleans your kitchen, café, and restrooms. Our building cleaning company is familiar with how the premises of a business impact its image and reputation, which is why our staff makes sure we pay attention to each detail. If you’re ready for professional janitorial services, contact us today for a free consultation.


Invest In Your Business’ Success By Choosing Our Building Cleaning Services

Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc is a complete cleaning and maintenance company that includes treatment of common areas, workspaces, high-touch surfaces and restrooms throughout your facility. Every staff member in the Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc network undergoes extensive training, which helps us ensure your business is in the hands of thoroughly vetted personnel.



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