We’re certified as a METRO SBE and NMSDC MBE (small business enterprise and minority-owned business enterprise).

Commercial Cleaning

When it comes to reliable cleaning services, you can count on Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc. to deliver for your commercial office.  We’ve been in business since 2007 and serve office buildings, healthcare, K-12 education, and higher education campuses. Whether you need day porter staff or night cleaning, we are available to create an affordable staffing plan for your office, whether you need one porter or one hundred.

We carefully screen our employees to ensure that each and every day you get a caring experience from our staff.  Because when it comes to customer service, people are paramount, and we would not be where we are today without the caring commitment of our over 250 employees.  And we are looking forward to serving you for many more years to come.

Commercial cleaning provides many benefits for your office which include not only providing the best appearance for your customers but ensuring your health and safety as well.  Our well-trained staff utilizes the latest in commercial cleaning technology, including HEPA backpack vacuums, electrostatic sprayers, smartphone apps for task completions, and even autonomous robots.  While these tools are extremely helpful, caring is at the heart of what we do.

Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc. has been a member of the Building Service Contractors Association International since 2012, US Green Building Council, and is a Choice Partners Awarded Vendor.  In 2019, we joined the prestigious Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list.  Thank you for supporting our small business!

Choose Our Commercial Cleaning Service In Houston

At Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc, we know that first impressions are everything for a business. There is no better way to make an impression than to provide a clean, professional environment for both employees and clients. Our commercial cleaning services in Houston use electrostatic sprayers, HEPA backpack vacuums and smartphone apps to ensure complete satisfaction to our clientele. With experience of over a decade, we make it a point to customize our cleaning, disinfecting procedures according to our client’s requirement, while ensuring minimal disruption to your business operations.

Our commercial cleaning service involves cleaning, sanitizing and maintaining offices, factories, bars, restaurants and government buildings. We have the capacity to serve both small-scale and large-scale cleaning projects in a timely manner. With adequate experience leading our way, we have perfected our processes, streamlined our communication and have handled each unique challenge with complete professionalism. Through hiring janitorial services, your commercial business will always look its best and be ready for visitors, clients, and business associates alike. Our well-trained, friendly cleaning staff is available to work for you around your schedule. So, do not hesitate, call us today for a free consultation or to learn more about our janitorial services.

The Leading Commercial Cleaning Service In Houston, TX

No business has the same needs, which is why we provide each customer with a list of our service details to guarantee maximum satisfaction. Drawing on our years of customer service experience, we treat your property with an electrostatic disinfectant solution that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds and deodorizes your space in one step. From spot cleaning floors and walls, mirror and interior window cleaning, emptying trash cans, dusting, sweeping, mopping to vacuuming, our commercial cleaning company in Houston can do it all.

Our top priority is allowing our clients to focus on what matters most. To do so, we work with you to create a custom cleaning plan, where each corner of your facility is cleaned and sanitized by our staff. Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc specializes in cleaning hard surface flooring, including concrete, rubber, vinyl, stone, ceramic and more. We are aware that different surfaces require different cleaning methods, equipment and solutions to prevent damage and to keep them clean. This is why our staff is thoroughly trained in cleaning all types of flooring. Our hard floor maintenance procedures are customized based on your floor traffic, floor type and budget.

Call On The Industry Experts Of Commercial Cleaning & Maintenance

A buildup of dust in your workplace can clog up components inside machines and ventilation systems. This can lead to corroded components, performance issues, overheating, and even break downs. The staff working at our janitorial service in Houston go the extra mile to ensure you’re satisfied with the way your workspace looks, which means you can have peace of mind knowing your business is in reliable, expert hands. So, if you’re looking for customized janitorial and maintenance services, make use of our commercial cleaning service in Houston.

Ensure Your Business’s Cleanliness With Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc – The Best Commercial Cleaning Service

Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc is here for your business cleaning, disinfecting needs during these uncertain and unprecedented times. The emergence of COVID-19 has pushed many Texas businesses to realize the importance of frequent and proper sanitation procedures. Our staff is trained and ready to disinfect your property using the most sophisticated measures designed by the CDC. Through our commercial cleaning service in Houston, we will disinfect your space to contain the possible spread of viruses. These disinfecting products are safe to use on all your equipment, and our team works day and night, depending on your needs. Thus, whether you need resort properties, business offices, warehouses, libraries or nursing homes cleaned, our commercial cleaning in Houston can serve all your requirements.

Hire A Professional, Reliable Commercial Cleaning Service In Houston, TX

It is important for businesses to understand that dirty carpets can leave a bad first impression on visitors and customers. The process of regularly cleaning carpets enhances the appearance of your space and extends the life of your carpets. Also, even a small operation that is kept clean is likely to experience a boost in employee morale, and happier employees tend to attract more business and do their jobs with more efficiency.

We offer a commercial cleaning service in Houston, TX, which includes heavy traffic lane cleaning, deep extraction cleaning, etc. Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc is also available to clean windows with equipment and methods that will leave your windows sparkling. If you’re concerned about your professional image being destroyed due to a dirty, unsanitary workplace, we are here to help. The personnel working for our commercial cleaning company in Houston receive in-depth training in cleaning methods and procedures so they can tackle anything in your given environment. Thus, whether you need monthly, weekly or even daily cleaning, we can collaborate with you to ensure you receive the most effective janitorial services at a competitive price.

Keep Your Business Clean, Safe With Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc

Do your part by scheduling regular cleaning, disinfecting to help prevent the spread of diseases and viruses. Our electrostatic disinfecting sprays help disinfect not only object surfaces, but also your building’s airspace. We are equipped with large cleaning staff to ensure we can offer prompt, high-quality cleaning services for your business. All applicable surfaces are meticulously cleaned and sanitized, especially high-touch points and common areas.


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