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Electrostatic Disinfecting

If you’re on this page, this means you’re either a building owner or a facility manager looking for electrostatic disinfecting services. As a top electrostatic disinfectant firm, we offer you a healthier and more efficient way to disinfect your commercial space. Our electrostatic disinfectant systems allow us to provide a comprehensive solution, removing 99.9999% of hidden germs. Our in-depth cleaning and disinfection expertise helps with limiting the pathogen’s activity and eventually putting a stop at it. We have the tools and technology to assess and meet the needs of absolute disinfection. We employ the most innovative electrostatic spraying system that wraps around all surfaces and eliminates contaminants as they’re sprayed with just minutes of dwell time.

Serving Houston and Austin Areas

We’ve got all the reasons that make us a leader in electrostatic disinfecting services in Houston.

  1. Our electrostatic spray is used strategically along the surfaces and objects to be cleaned.
  2. Our spray consists of positively charged particles that can cling to any surface.
  3. Our electrostatic disinfection method reduces the time that conventional sprays take it to coat hard surfaces.
  4. We use cleaning options that break the chain of pathogens and reduce the spread of MRSA, HIV, influence and other viruses.
  5. Since we have a team of qualified technicians, we apply sprays in a more controlled manner, eliminating potential danger.

We Offer the Best Disinfectant Services in the Market

Caring TX is the only company in Houston, TX, that keeps your facility clean while saving time and money. We’re trusted for using the electrostatic sprayer that targets the front, back, and sides of surfaces for 360° germ protection. Recently, we achieved a 5-star rating for providing superior coverage against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Our electrostatic spraying services are ideal for any location that needs thorough disinfection, decontamination or odor removal.

Affordable Electrostatic Spray Disinfection

Although our hi-tech electrostatic sprays consume ample electrical power, we charge our customers a reasonable amount. It’s because we strongly believe in creating a better bond with our clients so that they turn to us in the future as well. In fact, we regularly experience a large clientele for improved ways to clean a facility. Our affordable services are enjoyed all over Houston and Austin.

Commercial Electrostatic Disinfection Treatment

Caring TX was born to provide a better quality service to those with commercial property cleaning needs. Hence to deliver your business-specific needs, our cutting-edge electrostatic tools can help you create a safer environment for your customers and employees. We call our tools’ hospital-grade’ for being used in

Hospitals, medical offices, schools, daycare, and other businesses. Have any questions? Call us at (281) 738-3951.


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