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Caring Commercial Cleaning Inc

Show Your Company’s Pride

It’s important to have a clean, fresh environment that your employees, customers, and anyone that visits your office building will be proud of. 

A poorly cleaned or dirty office will certainly be noticed by customers and could be a reason they don’t continue to business with you.


And for your employees, working in a clean environment has been found to improve overall morale and longevity of employment. 


Put your trust in a commercial cleaning company that uses highly trained and skilled cleaning technicians and cleans to your needs.

Don’t Settle for Inferior Cleaning Services

The problem with most commercial cleaning services is that they’re all about the numbers and short on service.

We’re just the opposite. To us, our customers and the service we provide to them is the most important part of our business. Our motto is “Great Service at a Fair Price”.


You need a commercial cleaning service that is small enough to be able to service your needs, yet has the scale to take on the toughest and biggest projects when needed.


As our customer, you’ll get the friendly experience you deserve and the front-line services to get the job done right – Every time.

Why Caring Commercial Cleaning? 

You may think it’s hard to tell the difference between one commercial cleaning service and the next, but we’ve got a reason that’s no longer true.


With our service, we’ve got our own App called ‘Swept’ that sets us apart. With Swept, you can log in to the app to see when your cleaning crew arrived at the job and when inspections were done.


You can also interact with our staff directly in real time through the apps’ messenger system. 


It’s just another way that we continue to improve our customers’ overall experience and why we’re the first choice for commercial cleaning services in Houston. 

Experience – The Difference

We’ve built our business from the ground up so we know what it takes to get a customer and to service them so well that they remain a long-term customer.

Our business now has 100 employees and an experienced management team. We’ve found our niche serving larger accounts (around 100,000 sq ft or more) and we are a fast growing locally owned company that only serves the local market.

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